Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Class 47
Remove the Motor
A view of the motor before removal.  The broad silver brush cap is on the left of the photo, towards the front of the loco.  The motor is held in place by two black clips.....
One at the front,
One at the rear.
The clips can be released by easing the clip ends from the other side.  The photo shows the front part of the motor (with silver brush cap and silver tag) from the right hand side of the loco.  The black ends of the metal spring clips which hold the motor can be seen to the left of the cap.
Here are the clips removed.  Don't use force on these to spread the legs - being spring steel, they will snap. 

Note that the motor is not yet free.   There is more to do.

The end of the motor axle is supported by a plastic bearing which is clipped into place within the chassis.

The cocktail stick is pressing gently onto the side of the plastic bearing clip, the end of which can be seen as the black rectangle shape just below the stick.  The screwdriver is slotted in the gap behind the worm gear to apply a little pressure to ease the worm gear out towards the camera.  Only gentle pressure is required on the plastic - don't try to press it all the way down - it will probably snap.  Just enough the clear the tiny tag on the end.  Maybe a mm or so - see the photo below with the clip released.  The screwdriver is there to ease the worm gear out - which will be possible once the cocktail stick has released the bearing.  A slight amount of leverage here will let you know when the clip is released.

The same needs to be done at the rear of the loco.  The photo shows the bearing clip emerging from its hole at the rear of the loco.

With both motor clips removed, and both end bearing clips removed, the motor will lift out of the left hand side of the loco ....

.... like this.  The chassis in the background is the correct way up.  The circuit board in front is on its end, basically in the way of a good shot - but still attached by its green wire.  At the extreme right (rear) of the chassis, you can see the hole for the light bulb, and to the left of that, the rectangular hole where the bearing clip emerged.

Looking at the black bearing clip still on the rear end of the axle, note the small raised end which keeps the clip in position.  The cocktail stick in the earlier photo was pushing down behind the raised end to allow the clip and the axle to be removed.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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