Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Class 47
Remove the Bogies

The pin above the middle wheel on each bogey can be pushed out from the other side.  Here, the rear bogey pin is identified by the cocktail stick.

Part way out. 

Removed completely.

And the front.  Compare the two bogies.  They look to be the same, but they are not.

Lift out the cog and keep it safe, to prevent it from falling out by itself.  In this state, the bogey wheels are free to run and can be very lightly lubricated.

Here is another way to tell which way is front.  The is the front bogey, viewed from the right hand side.   A loco will travel forwards when +12v is applied to the track on its right hand side and 0v on its left hand side.  Most of these classic Minitrix locos use the chassis to connect to the negative (left) track and use brushes to pick up the +12volts from the right hand track. **  It follows that the wheels with the brush pickups must be on the right hand side of the loco.  You can see the pickups (with black insulation), bent to touch the back of the wheel.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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