Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  The 9F Locos
The 2-10-0 Workhorses
Minitrix Small Steam Locos

The Two 9F Locos produced by Minitrix are superb model work horses which will work well on any N Gauge layout.

With the 2-10-0 configuration, the 5 main axles are all driven, with the 4 wheels on the rear 2 axles all having traction tyres.  The design includes brass sleeve bearings on each axle which permit the amount of lateral movement for all 5 axles to negotiate the very tight 7.66" first radius curve which minitrix use.  The modern 9" radius 1 curve and Settrack points produced by Peco present no problems, and these engines will happily haul long, weighted rakes of wagons up 2%+ inclines with relative ease.

The design is a compromise, however, and the purists do not like it.  The body is 'sawn-off' version of the Britannia body, with the embossed pipe work near the rear axle having been put under the scalpel to make room for the rear drive wheels.  But you have to look closely to spot it.  The valve gear protrudes at the sides and the biggest sin of all according is that the cylinders are set horizontal in the model.  For me, I couldn't care less - on a layout they look the part and with their low gearing will run all day at slow speeds with long trains.

But I still love them.  10 driving wheels, 4 with traction tyres.  The 9F comes in the 2 varieties shown in the photo - the Evening Star 92220 and the Black un-named 9F 92018.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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