Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Class 47
Electrical Basics

The Class 47 follows the usual Minitrix convention of having the positive electrical pickup on the right hand wheels. ie When the rail on the right hand side of the loco is provided with a positive DC voltage, the loco will move forwards. A pair of traction tyres are fitted to the most forward axle of the rear bogies.

Only the front and rear axles of each bogey provide traction, and it is only these that provide electrical pickup from the track, although the centre axle of each bogey will have a pickup throught the axle and chassis for the negative (left) side of the loco.

The most forward rear axle is the only one whose wheels are fitted with traction tyres, so although there is some electrical pickup, it will be intermittent - only making a connection when the flanges touch the inside of the rail - but doubtless handy when going over points.

The top circuit board distributes power through the statutory choke and capacitors (to suppress interferences) to the motor and through tiny diodes to the single light at each end of the loco. The light illuminates when the loco is going forward.

As with many of these classic Minitrix models, the chassis is used for the connection to the negative (left) rail through the axle to the left wheels. The right hand wheels have their axles fitting into a plastic sleeve in the wheel to provide insulation.

The motor is of the capped bush variety (found on the 2MTs and 9fs). One of the caps has a sprung tag which presses against the chassis for the negative power feed.


Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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