Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Class 47
Fit the Wheels
Reassembling the bogies.  Reinsert the coupling spring.
Make sure the wheels are correctly placed.  The photo shows the side view of the front bogey.  Note the square metal moulding just visible on the metal body at the left of the photo.  That is the front.  Note the location of the copper electrical wheel pick-up strips on the right of this photo.  They will be on the right of the loco.  Note that all of the wheels have their black axle insulation on the same side as the copper pick-ups.  Check that the wheels don't have the pair with tyres on the front bogey.

Tilt the bogey at about 45 degrees and offer the front end to the plastic moulding.  The square metal lug needs to press the spring into place (you can feel the pressure of the spring on the coupling, which if you wiggle it, will help the spring to position itself).  Make sure that the square metal lug fits snugly into the plastic bogey moulding so that the two parts are held together.....

... then turn the partially assembled bogey over. 
I've put it on the ground here for this photo.  Check that the wheel axles are correctly located and that both copper pickups are correctly positioned BEHIND the wheels, and not in front as they will tend to be - as shown here.
And snap the rear end of the front bogey over the catch.
Turn the bogey over and insert the tiny retaining screw.
And do the same for the rear bogey, remembering that the photos in this sequence will be flipped right to left for the rear bogey. 

Here is a shot of both bogies together - the top one is the front bogey, facing left.  The bottom is the rear.  Spot the electrical pickups which will be on the right hand rail - in both cases, the side of the bogey closest to the top of the photo.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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