Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Class 47
Refit the Motor
There's not that much too it really - although this shot does not show the bogies in their disassembled state.  Neither does it show the black box underneath the loco and the lower circuit board.  The main components are laid out relative to their assembled front/rear location for reference.  Front is at the left of the photo.
Lay the loco body on its side.  Front to the left. (Use those small screwholes to indicate which is the front as described earlier.  Orientate the motor correctly. 

The photo shows the correct orientation, but the chassis is upright.  It is easier if it is on its side so that gravity can help to keep things in place.  But it's up to you.  Note the clip on the right hand end with the bump facing upwards - see below.

The silver caps need to be towards the front of the loco chassis. 

The silver brush cap with the tag (shown here on the top side of the motor) needs to be inserted first so that it presses against the inside of the right hand side of the chassis (the side that the model is laid on).

BUT WAIT -- have you had the brush caps off ?  If so, did you put the caps on correctly?  It makes a difference.  To check - use the photos.  See those two little dimples near the brass axle bush ?  They indicate which brush needs to be connected to the +12 volt rail.  So the silver cap with the tag (which connects to the chassis) needs to be on the other side.  As shown in the photo.  Only one dimple is visible in the photo at the bottom, the other is obscured by the axle.

Note that the clips are not symmetrical.  The little bump or tag that can be seen on the bottom left of the clip needs to be positioned so that it faces up when inserted into the side of the chassis.... this.  Just rest it there for the time being.  Juggling this, the motor itself and the clip at the other end is a little fiddly to say the least.
Drop the motor into position, guiding the small plastic axle bearing clips at each end into position.  Check the motor and both clips are the correct way round before pushing the clips gently into their locked position - here with a cocktail stick.
Once in place, secure the motor with its two spring clips, checking that the clips are properly seated by inspecting from the other side.
And check that the silver brush cap has its tag pressing firmly against the chassis - this is the only way that the motor will make electrical contact with the 0volt rail.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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