Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Model Variations
There are 4 variations of the same model in UK guise, and these are listed in the table below.  Only the first two were ever marketed by Hornby, and as far as I can tell, all of them were supplied in the later style hard plastic display case, rather than the card and polystyrene boxes that were used for earlier models.


N210 Class 47
'County of Norfolk' 47170
Introduced New in 1982, originally advertised in an early catalogue picture as 'Vulcan'.  The later catalogue for 1982 showed 47170, County of Norfolk - both showing the same 12966 model number.  Marketed in the UK by Hornby Minitrix as N210 in a plastic box.
51-2958-00 N219 Class 47
'Queen Mother'
Another class 47, identical except for the body shell to the 47170.  Listed in the catalogues as 12958, but also as 51-2966-50 - presumably acknowledging that it was derived from 51-2966-00 County of Norfolk.  This is a rare deviation from the Trix tradition that complete locos have 00 as their last two digits. The model was also marketed in the UK by Hornby Minitrix as N219.  The full size diesel was named by Her Majesty in October 1982.  The Minitrix model came out in 1983, missing the Christmas market.  The only difference between the two is the body shell.  Queen Mother has a much smaller BR logo .
51-2024-00 (N220) Class 47
Railfreight Unnamed, Grey
The two later class 47s appeared as new items in the 1987 MiniTrix catalogue, just after Hornby had stopped marketing the models.  The build is identical to the two previous Class 47 locos, the body shell being the only difference. 

Although Hornby never marketed these models, they were responsible for instigating their manufacture, and had already been allocated Hornby numbers N220 and N221 - according to Pat Hammond in his excellent book "The Story of Rovex - Volume 3".  These models should only ever have been sold in the clear plastic boxes with the Green and Yellow Minitrix insert.

51-2025-00 (N221) Class 47
Inter City

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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