Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Class 47
Remove the Wheels
This sequence shows the front bogey.  The process is the same for the rear bogey.  Don't mix up the bits.  The wheels are held in by a plastic cradle which models the frame into which the wheels on the real diesel are fitted.  On the model, the plastic bearing hubs are just there for show, and are quite flimsy.  However, the wheels are held in place by the baseplate.  Turn the bearing over.
(You did remove the cog in the top of the bogey, didn't you ?).

Undo the screw.  Its tiny, its small, it will get lost if you aren't careful.  It may get lost even if you are.  When it does, look in the motor first.  The magnet attracts it, and if you didn't put the motor to one side, its a fair bet.....

With a fine screwdriver, GENTLY pry the plastic slot over the metal catch and release the bogey base......
....but be careful - the coupling spring is now free to fall out at the other end.
Cocktail sticks can be handy to pick up loose springs.  No need to remove it.  Be aware that it is there, and hold the cradle in a way that will keep the spring in position.  Put it on one side in a tray.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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