Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Class 47
Bogies and wheels
The left photo is the front bogey.  The right photo is the rear bogey.  The electrical contact sweeper points to the middle of the loco - so the front (Left photo) bogey is in the correct orientation.  The rear bogey (Right Photo) has been spun round to show the bogey from the other side.

Note the wheels.  The Front bogey shows the black plastic insulation between the axle and the wheels.  These sit on the right hand track.  All 6 wheels have this arrangement.  The Rear bogey (right photo) shows the wheels viewed from the other side.  No insulation - the wheel sites on the left rail, and the wheel, axle and chassis are connected directly to the the 0 Volts of the power supply.

On the front bogey, you can see the brass brush which conducts the +12volt power from the wheels on the right track to the motor.  So here is another way of telling front from back.  The wheels on the right side of the loco have black insulation at their hub, and the right hand wheels have the copper pickup strips rubbing on the inside of the wheel.

For comparison, here are the two sets of bogies - assembled, correct way up and facing in the correct direction for a loco that is facing to the left of this page.
The innermost axle of the rear bogey has wheels which have a recess to accommodate a pair of traction tyres.  The tyres can be seen on the rear bogey photo on the row above.  Tyres stretch over time, and also become hardened.  They looked and felt OK on this loco, but I had some in stock, the wheels were off - it made sense to replace them.  The photo on the right shows the wheels with tyres removed.  Also shown are the brand new pair of tyres, compared to the ones which were removed.  Sometimes, poor traction is not due to the wheel slipping on the track, but the wheel slipping inside the stretched tyre !

Tyres for this loco have code 72-2258-00 are are still available - mainly on German ebay sites in packs of 10.  Don't buy them in pairs, from UK 'suppliers'.  They cost a fortune.  Put "72225800" into ebay and search worldwide. .


Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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