Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Class 47
Fit the Bogies
Fit the black box, if you removed it.  Make sure that the black plastic tags are properly securing it in place. (It also secures the lower circuit board).

The circuit board needs to be firmly in place before fitting the bogies with their electrical pickup which sweeps an arc across the lower circuit board.

Insert the small black gear, and check that the holes align.
Offer the bogey up to the chassis, making sure that the gears mesh easily with the worm gear of the motor.  Also make sure that the sweeping electrical pickup has adequate upward pressure to reamin in contact with the circuit board.  Bend it up slightly if not.
Insert the gear axle / locating dowel - it may need a little pressure - but be certain that the pressure exerted is not caused by trying to force the axle into the gear hole which has moved out of alignment.  The gear should spin easily on the axle. It should not be tight.  The resistance comes from the hole in the round gearbox, rather than from the gear.  If in doubt, take out the gear and try the procedure without it in place.  That will give you a feel for how much pressure to apply.

The axle should be pushed in just beyond being flush with the casing.  Check the other side and push it back if necessary.  Then do the other bogey.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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