Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Class 47 Diesel
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Trix DataSheets are made available on the website. The requested web page from Trix shoud be embedded below, but whether this is displayed properly can depend on your browser, your computer and your pdf My PC - Firefox opens up the document in a pdf reader. MS Edge embeds the website on this page, below. Ipad IOS 13 fails to load (apparently a known issue with mobile IOS). So in case your device doesn't allow the pdf contents from remote websites to be embedded, here are some links.

Trix WebSiteLink to the front page of the Trix website.
Full ListThe list of Technical Data Sheets Available on the Trix Website.
Find your Loco Number (eg 12024) and click the Ersatzteilliste link.
Link for Loco #12024This links directly to the webpage on the Trix website that displays the Technical data sheet for Loco #12024. The page will open in a new window or on a new tab, leaving this page available to return to.

Permission to link to, and embed the Trix web pages that contain the technical documentation has been granted by Maerklin Customer Services. With thanks.

By the time you get to this sentence, it will be obvious whether Trix webpage with the Technical Data Sheet has been able to be shown below. What you see is the Trix Website, not mine. I do not store these document on my website. That would be an infringement of their copyright.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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