Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  N201 Dock Tank

Remember, the gears go on the left side of the chassis. In the photo, the chassis is upside down, and the front of the loco is on the left of the picture. The electrical pickup strips are on the right side of the loco. Ok ?

Having got your orientation, insert the larger gear into the hole between the front and middle axle slots.
Then, positioning the rear wheel assemble as shown, insert the pistons rods into the cylinders.

Then gently lower the wheels into the slot for the rear axle. Do this carefully, as you will need to press the rear electrical pickup into the side of the chassis so that it makes contact with the right hand wheel. Note also, that the worm gear will stop the wheel seating properly. Allow the axle to rotate as it drops into position.

A shot showing the location of the front axle. Note that it is just resting in position, and has not yet been seated with the electrical pickup strip positioned behind the right front wheel. (Remember, right is at the bottom of the photo). The small gear has been inserted in its position in front of the rear wheel.

It just remains to drop the centre wheel into position, and to fit the base plate. The locating pin helps, but make sure that the tag on the baseplate behind the middle wheel is located in the slot in the chassis. It is possible to get the plate upside down, in which case the tag would not properly retain the small plastic cog.

Oh - and obvious from this picture - it needs a good wipe down to remove any surplus grease.

The body is cast metal. Solid and weighty. The motor fits inside the cab recess, but at first glance, it seems that there may be room for a DCC chip. I don't have a DCC system so I cannot confirm this. Whether or not there is room for the additional wiring is another matter.

Fit the body. Easy. It just drops into place without any hassle.

What more can I say. Turn the screw clockwise ?

Docktank - replacing wheels.  Not like this though!  It is easy to get the gears on the wrong side of the engine.  The gears go on the left hand side.

Spot the error. Apart from the fact that there is far too much grease on the gears. Inevitable when you first apply it really. I loosley assemble the components, push it round the track to distribute the grease and then take it apart and wipe off the surplus. But there is another error, which I hadn't actually noticed until I wanted to use this photo on the website. Can you see what it is ? Hover over the thumbnail if you can't tell.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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