Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  N202 Ivatt 260



A small, well built little engine with a motor that whirrs like a quiet sewing machine.   There are two version of this - the black 46400 loco shown above, and a 46406 model in British Rail Green, produced later for Hornby and sold as Number N213

The loco chassis is very similar to the 2-6-2 Ivatt 2MT model, except this does not have the extra weight that the 2-6-2 has over its rear bogies.  The body of this model is narrower as it does not have the side tanks, and of course, this model tows a tender.

As a result of being shorter at the rear, and narrower, the loco is not anywhere near as heavy as the 2-6-2 version.  With less weight pressing onto the wheels, traction tyres are required and the engine has a pair of tyres fitted to both sides of the front axle.  This would normally compromise the electrical pickup, but all wheels on the front and rear axle of the tender provide electrical pickup ensuring its smooth running over dead bits of track such as points.

The notes here are illustrated with a mixture of original material and notes which were prepared for the 2-6-2 model.  As a result, the sharp eyed will spot photographs that are  of the 2-6-2 engine - but I have only done this where the part being illustrated is identical to the part on the 2-6-0.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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