Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  N205 Ivatt 262

What a nice little loco this is. I resisted buying one for years following a bad experience with a 2nd hand version made by another manufacturer. Poor running, the motor was an integral part of the chassis. In the end it went in the bin.

I came across two Ivatts on e-bay - this one and the 2MT tender version. Cheap. No one else was bidding. They were 'not tested' - which I always is a euphamism for 'Well I know that something is wrong, but I'm not going to admit to knowing on e-bay'. They didn't run. They were filthy, and I cleaned them both up and sorted the simple electrical contact problems. And they ran beautifully. Smooth sounding motor and looked every bit the workhorse. Then the plastic slider cracked and broke. It just fell apart - so I reckon the seller had repaired it before selling. Hence the photo shows no valve gear. I removed it. It still looks good on the layout.

The model is driven by all 6 main wheels, and has electrical pickup 4 - The negative side uses the left rear bogie and all 3 drive wheels; the positive side uses the right front bogie and all 6 drive wheels. There are no traction tyres, but it doesn't seem to need them - it just starts to slip when pulling 12 tippler wagons, each with about 10g weight inside, up a long 2% inline. But it will still skate its way up with twice this load.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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