Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Evening Star

The Minitrix Evening Star is superb model for any N-gauge layout. Low gears and 10 wheel drive enables it to negotiate gradients and the tightest of bends.

This a truly remarkable little model, and comes in two variations - the standard, unnamed, black 9F number 92018 and this more well known 92220 Evening Star.  The Black 9F was introduced in 1975 - although the text in the 1975 catalogued incorrecly named it as the Evening Star ! Evening Star didn't make an appearance until 1979. When it did, it was produced in the earlier incorrect shade of green as shown in the photo. Later models had the much nicer, correct Brunswick Green livery.

The 10 main wheels are all driven. The front 6 provide electrical pickup on both sides of the locomotive, and the rear 4 have traction tyres. The tender provides a further 4 pickup points. The engineering is excellent, and the lateral movement which is built into each axle enables it to negotiate the tightest of bends - Minitrix has 194mm as its tightest curve and it seems well suited to these.

The engine runs well at low speeds. It has a powerful motor, and is geared low and with its small drive wheels it can pull the longest, loaded trains up inclines with relative ease. The models are identical except for the colour - and one or two minor refinements in later models.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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