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How Data is Processed

What Personal Information is Stored ?


I assume that everyone who uses the form to submit a comment form will do so under a psuedonym - a Nickname. This is simply so that each person is able to identify their own post. Your Nickname should not be your real name or one that you are known by generally. I have no need to store real names and have no desire to do so.  Nothing that can identify an actual person is stored in the database.

What Processing is Carried Out ?

When you submit your comment, all of the information that you provide is stored in a database - except for your e-mail address.  At this stage you will be able to see that your comment has been posted, but the comment itself will not be displayed until it has been checked and approved. Certain characters are automatically stripped from the information that is typed into the input boxes as a safeguard against hacking, and all comments are moderated before being made visible to anyone else. This can make comments look odd, so I will re-format the text and correct any obvious errors or typos before making your comment visible on the site.

I receive an email when anyone adds a new comment to the website.  This alerts me to the fact that a new comment needs to be moderated and approved. If you have filled in your email address on the form, and you have ticked the consent box asking me to contact you, then I will receive your email address and your IP Address. Once your comment has been approved, I will send a reply to your comment by e-mail. The email containing your address and IP will then be deleted.

I will often do this on the same day, but it could take longer if I am busy on other projects.

If you wish to reply to me then you are free to do so, but otherwise I will make no further contact. Your email address and IP Address are not stored in a database, nor are they available to view in the comments page of the website.

I will not pass on your email address to anyone or to any organisation.

When the form is used correctly, your IP Address is never used. However, occasionally the form gets targetted by would-be hackers attempting to gain access to the database, and a large number of emails will arrive in my in-box at the same time. In this case, I review the IP addresses of the computers that have been used and block any future form submissions that have come from the same server.

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