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The DB Class 112 El-Lok

This is a metal bodied early model from Minitrix and seems to be the one on which the Class 27 was built, with many of the parts interchangeable.

The chassis is identical, as are the upper and lower circuit boards.  The obvious difference is the presence of the pantographs on the roof which actually do provide electrical pickup from overhead wires.  Although they look to be very delicate, they are made from quite sturdy wire and are spring loaded to maintain upward pressure on the overhead cables.

It is so similar to the Class 27 that there is little point in reproducing the 'take apart and clean' section.  Instead, I have concentrated on the differences and on fitting the DCC chip.  I have to say that fitting a chip to the Class 27 is much easier as there is more roof space available under the curved plastic top of the body shell. This model has a flat top with a bump which provides a little extra space.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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