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Useful Links
A number of links that I have found to be useful.


Märklin Online Shop

Märklin now own Trix® and Minitrix®. The site has been revamped very recently (writing this on 110911). I've never used the shop, but they have an English version of the shopping cart, and accept credit card orders.

Click English. Click Trix. Click Spare parts.

If you know the part number that you are looking for, you can enter it. Many british loco parts are no longer available (eg loco body), but the bits that wear out, are. If you don't know the part number, there are copies of the service sheets available.
Click on 'N Gauge'. The A4 and Flying scotsman locos are on sheet 16 at the time of writing. Look for 12946 / 12947. Then click on Show. These are the sheets that are included in the box lid of the model when new.

My version of Internet Explorer failed to load these, even with the new Java loaded. But they display perfectly in Mozilla Firefox.


e-bay - German Supplier. Accepts paypal, and transactions are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. He uses all of the original part numbers for the items that he stocks. Tyres and motor brushes for most of the Minitrix range are available.


Is another German supplier on ebay. Some German suppliers do not use Paypal which makes purchasing using ebay a little awkward. Playscout accepts direct transfer of funds, but in the UK this costs about £30 from banks. On-line systems (like GloablWebPay) have a more reasonable fee, but require a £30 minimum transfer. A pity, because Playscout often has all kinds of bits and pieces for English locos that German buyers do not usually want. You wont find him on - you'll need to use, and translate the German into English. Find the items on the German site, add them to your watch list, and you can then deal with them from your English watch list. A bit tedious, but if you get what you want, it might be worth it.


A link to a forum which shows how to fit a DCC decoder to a diesel loco, which is identical to the Minitrix® Class 27 N204. In German, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Online Shop

Model Train Bits - the link takes you to the section for Trix. Takes a bit of getting used to, and its not clear whether the item you are looking for is actually in stock. I have never used it, but it may be another source for those elusive bits.


Good source of all kinds of tiny bits and tools for tiny bits. I have used them for miniature bolts and for the nut spinner required for undoing the 2mm hex head on the Mallard wheels.

Minitrix and Trix are tradenames currently owned by Märklin Inc.

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