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History of Minitrix
Hover over the images to see the larger picture. Photgraphs are copyright - please ask for permission before using them. Not wishing to infringe copyright myself, models that I do not own are represented by computer sketches based on other models.
Dates on the pictures represent the year in which the catalogues announced that the model is 'new'. However, the catalogues sometimes seem to show the intention of releasing a model, which may not have become available until the following year, and I don't have a full set of catalogues.

Sometimes a model is never announced as 'new' in the catalogues to which I have access. I have therefore assumed that if it didn't appear in the previous year's catalogue, then it must be new when it does appear. Often however, a number of different catalogues / leaflets may have been produced in a single year either by Hornby or by Minitrix, and sometimes the catalogue information doesn't match with other sources of information.

As a consequence, the information provided is my best guess as to when models were released. I have used what Trix and Hornby catalogues that I can find. I have used price lists and the list of models shown on the technical data sheets (which are dated). Its not an exact science, but I think I have got pretty close. My 'best guesses' are consistent across all of the sources of information that I have.

If you find information that you know to be incorrect, and have the sources that would enable me to correct the web site, I would be grateful - please contact me on the visitors book with your email address. I'll be in touch.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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