Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  N210 Class 47

The Minitrix Class 47 was first advertised as a new item in the Trix 1981-82 Catalogue.  The 51-2966-00 number is the designation for 'The County of Norfolk', but the picture shows  '47090 Vulcan'.  Clearly a change of mind between printing the catalogue and producing the finished model.  The French CC7200 was introduced as model 51-2906-00 in the same year, following on from the French CC6500 as 51-2084-00 in 1980-81.  Both of these share the same chassis and many of the same parts as the Class 47.

In spite of being built on an existing european chassis, the model has much more appropriate dimensions for the UK rail stock and shows a much slimmer profile than either of its UK Minitrix diesel predecessors - the Class 27 and the Warship class 42 models.  In contrast, the Minitrix class 47 stand up well against the likes of the Farish Class 66 for height and width.  It is a sleek and beautiful looking model.

In October 1982, the Queen Mother unveiled the full size Class 47 bearing her name.  With only the number and the name plate to modify from 'The County of Norfolk', 'The Queen Mother' was added to the fleet of Hornby Minitrix diesels - I suspect in time for Christmas 83, but the only detail I know for certain is that the 'Queen Mother' appears in the 1985 Hornby Minitrix Catalogue, with Hornby Number N219.  The Minitrix Number is 51-2958-00.

In 1987-88, Minitrix produced two further variations of the Class 47 - A British Rail Railfreight Grey 51-2024-00 and A British Rail Intercity model number 51-2025-00.  These were never marketed by Hornby and should only appear in the hard plastic cases with the green & yellow Minitrix paper inserts.

It is interesting to note that the document technical / parts sheet that was printed Feb 1987 lists all four UK class 47s.  Presumably they were in manufacture before that date when Hornby were still marketing them.  The 1988 Minitrix Catalogue (after Hornby) lists all 8 UK Minitrix Diesel Locomotives, including the 4 class 47s,  as having 'Limited Availability'.  I assume as existing stock was sold.

The picture shows 3 diesel locos, front view for comparison.

Left to right:

  • The modern Graham Farish Class 66
  • The 1981 Minitrix Class 47 County of Norfolk
  • The over-scale 1969 Minitrix Class 27

N210  51-2966-00 County of Norfolk

N219  51-2958-00 Queen Mother

51-2024-00 British Rail Railfreight

51-2025-00 British Rail InterCity

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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