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UK Minitrix History

In the tables below, I have tried to establish when models were first introduced - either by the manufacturing company Minitrix or by the UK vendors Hornby Minitrix.  Hornby started selling the Minitrix products sometime in 1973.  Before then, Minitrix had already started to produce a few UK outline models.
Information has been gleaned from the few Minitrix and Hornby Minitrix catalogues that I have been able to locate.  When a model is first introduced, it seems that the version which is put into print, is sometimes at odds with the model that is eventually manufactured.

In this first section, there are a number of models which appear in the pre-Hornby catalogues.  The warship models are printed with different names from the ones that eventually became the standard.  Models with other name sometime crop up from this period.  The Blue Class 47 shown in the UK 1970 catalogue didn't make it to the Hornby line-up for another 10 years !  The Britannia model shown in the catalogue appears to be a picture of the Trix OO model.  This list is organised in order of when the models appear in the Minitrix Catalogue.  (Bearing in mind that I don't have access to a full set  !).

No Model Colour Config Cab No MiniTrix No Hornby MiniTrix
N204 Class 27 Green Bo-Bo D5379 51-2940-00 1973 1969
N203 7P Britannia Green 4-6-2 70000 51-2037-00 1973 1970
N206 Class 42 Warship Blue Bo-Bo D823 Hermes (Spartan) 51-2942-00 1974 1970
N208 Class 42 Warship Green Bo-Bo D825 Intrepid (Vanguard) 51-2943-00 1979 1970
N212 Class 27 Blue Bo-Bo 27014 51-2969-00 1980 1970

When Hornby started marketing the models in 1973, they did so with a collection of 4 - N201 Dock Tank, N202 2MT with Tender, N203 Britannia, N204 Class 27.  By the end of the year, the price lists show that N205 the 2MT 2-6-2 loco and N206 the Green Warship had been introduced.  Interestingly, the price lists never reveal the name of either warship, and at some point a maroon version seems to have been in production. 

The list is in order of when the models first appeared in the Hornby Minitrix Catalogue - indicated by the fact that new models were indicated as such on the photos.  There are places where I have had to take an educated guess, as my references are incomplete, but price lists and the dates on the Technical data sheets have helped.  Where there is room for doubt, I have placed a question mark alongside the Hornby date.

One item of note is the re-designed N203 Britannia which was modified to sit on the same chassis as the Mallard, and acquired a slightly different number of 51-2037-10.  This number appears on the Technical data sheets, but rarely on the boxes.
Another slight variation is the Green 2MT with Tender N213.  There are some models around which have the cab number 46402, rather than the more common 46406. and Minitrix allocated the number 51-2038-50 to this variation (from the 1985/86 catalogue).

No Model Colour Config Cab No MiniTrix No Hornby MiniTrix
N201 2F Dock Tank Black 0-6-0 47160 51-2052-00 1973  
N202 2MT + Tender Black 2-6-0 46400 51-2039-00 1973  
N205 2MT Black 2-6-2 41234 51-2040-00 1973  
N207 Class 9F Black 2-10-0 92018 51-2058-00 1976 1975-76
N209 Class 9F Green 2-10-0 92220 Evening Star 51-2041-00 1979  
N211 Class A4 Green 4-6-2 60022 Mallard 51-2947-00 1980 1980
N203 7P Britannia Green 4-6-2 70000 51-2037-10 1981 1981-2
N210 Class 47 Blue Co-Co 47170 County of Norfolk 51-2966-00 1982 1981
N213 2MT + Tender Green 2-6-0 46406 51-2038-00 1982? 1982
N213 2MT + Tender Green 2-6-0 46402 51-2038-50 1983?  
N214 Class A4 Blue 4-6-2 4498 Nigel Gresley 51-2946-00 1983?  
N219 Class 47 Blue Co-Co 47541 Queen Mother 51-2958-00 1983?  
N217 7P Boadicea Green 4-6-2 70036 Boadicea 51-2042-00 1985 ?  

Early in 1987, the problems with the UK currency exchange rate amongst other things, forced Hornby to pull out of dealing with the N gauge models.  Many continued to be manufactured and/or marketed by the manufacturing company in Germany - Minitrix, and now appeared in the green and yellow boxes - many of which were now plastic - and carrying the Minitrix 5-digit number rather that the Hornby numbering system.  Thus the Green 2MT was no longer N213, but 12038.

Four models, shown below, were never marketed by Hornby, but the plans for their production were well underway when Hornby ceased their association with Minitrix.  The two Flying Scotsmen had been designed to fit on the Mallard chassis, and the two class 47s were variations on the County of Norfolk and the Queen Mother, which had proved to be popular - and merely required a new clip on body shell.

The Minitrix Catalogue for 1988 is interesting in that it lists both varieties of the Flying Scotsman as brand new models for 1988, and shows a picture of an un-named, un-numbered grey-bodied 4-6-2 loco which otherwise looks like the finished Scotsman - but clearly not yet in a form that was available for photographs for the 1988 catalogue.  A shop price list of the time shows this as selling for £83.79.  The same catalogue lists all 8 UK Minitrix diesel locomotives as having limited availability.  I am guessing that these were no longer in production and supplies were limited to the remaining stock.   The Mallard is not listed in the catalogue or on the price list in 1988, but the Nigel Gresley is.

No Model Colour Config Cab No MiniTrix No Hornby MiniTrix
12024 Class 47 Grey Co-Co 47378 Railfreight 51-2024-00 1987 1987
12025 Class 47 Grey Co-Co 47487 InterCity 51-2025-00 1987 1987
12949 Class A3 Green 4-6-2 60103 Flying Scotsman 51-2949-00   1988
12950 Class A3 Ap Green 4-6-2 4472 Flying Scotsman 51-2950-00   1988


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