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Tips on Refitting

The inside of the 2-6-2 loco body, with the boiler weight removed. The weight fits over the upright which holds the light bulb. The screw through the boiler door tightens against this, effectively trying to pull the weight forward

Inside the 2-6-2 body (top) compared with the 2-6-0 body (bottom).
The 2-6-0 body from the rear.  Note the thin plastic piece at the bottom.  This hooks under part of the chassis, and can be difficult to release to lift the rear of the body off.  I have 3 of these, and all them have a break in this part.  No bad thing, because it means you can remove the tender and motor clip easily.  Otherwise the tender is attached to the body with a length of fragile wire.

Position of the screw to hold the body in place.

The boiler door is often missing on 2nd hand locos. Or people have made up their own, which suggests that over time it comes loose and falls out.

Note the two holes at the bottom for the light to emerge (although some models do not have these, nor do they have the bulbs fitted, even though the locations and electrical connections are present). This is the correct orientation. If your boiler door is slack enough to make you worry about it falling off, then take a narrow strip of paper. Narrower than in the photo, which is exaggerated for purpose of demonstration. Lay it across the top of the boiler and fit the cap. It will be nice and tight. If it is still not tight enough, make the paper wider - not thicker.

Now with a black ink pen, or roller ball, draw thick black lines on the paper around the boiler. Go mad with this - the purpose is to make the paper wet and soggy, as well as to make it black. The paper will then tear off easily leaving an almost invisible edge.

If necessary, use your thumbnail to smooth off the edge of the paper.


Use the coupling rod to hold the pin above the hole, and then gently press it in with the flat end of a small screwdriver, or a thumb.

All back together again. Except the valve gear !   See the other pages - I didn't have a complete set of valve gear when I did this page.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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